Sean Bean to star in Robinson Crusoe TV series

Source: Times Online
Date : May 21, 2008
Sean Bean to star in Robinson Crusoe TV series
A £13 million television series based on the story of Robinson Crusoe was
announced today, with Sean Bean taking a starring role.
The Sharpe star will be joined by the American actor Philip Winchester, as the
English castaway, and Sam Neill in the first remake of Daniel Defoe's novel since
1964. Winchester recently played Scott Tracy in the film adaptation of the
television series Thunderbirds.
In the Odyssean tale, Crusoe battles storms on the high seas, is taken into
slavery by Moors and finds himself shipwrecked on a desert isle, among other
adventures. The series will follow the character after being marooned for years
with fellow castaway, Friday, who has yet to be cast, as he dreams of being
reunited with his family.
Bean will portray Crusoe's widower father, James, while Neill is set to star as
Jeremiah Blackthorn, a family friend. Anna Walton has been cast as Crusoe's
love interest, Susannah.
The series is being filmed in the UK, South Africa and the Seychelles and is
being co-produced by the British television company Power with a script by
Stephen Gallagher, a writer on Doctor Who.
The 13-part series has been commissioned in America by NBC and is also
expected to air in the UK.


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