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Warner Bros. feature Untitled Mining Project (fka Class Action)
Charlize Theron -- Josey
Frances McDormand -- Glory
Sissy Spacek -- Alice
Jeremy Renner -- Bobby

*This is the true story of how one woman pioneered and won the first
sexual harassment class action suit in the United States, a legal milestone
and immeasurably improved working conditions for American women." -- Class Action

For roles of iron range miners, please submit real faces and plain faces,
worn by the frozen Minnesota winters and brutal workplace conditions.
Submit ethnicities from Northern and Southern Europe, from Scandinavians
to Italians and Slava. These are tough, old world people-- even the women
drive mining trucks.

Time period: Late 1980's/early 1990's

**NOTE: All "Union Members" are ages 18 through 60. Actors must be
available to travel to distant locations in Northern Minnesota.



Mid to late 20's. A miner's wife. A jealous woman spurred on by false rumors.
She interrupts Josey at the hockey rink chili stand, warning Josey to stay away
from her husband at work. Everyone, including Josey's family, turns to look.
Josey is mortified. She can't even talk. The wife calls her "a mining whore"
and further humiliates her by saying Josey lost her marriage by tossin' her
ass around. then the wife turns her heel and walks away. (1 day -- 3/2/2005)


55 years old. Works at the front desk of a small town motel -- a place were
everybody knows everyone. He's surprised to see Josey's mom, Alice, at the
motel with a suitcase late at night, and even more surprised when he asks
about Hank and Alice says she's checking in alone. tom tries not to look
her in the eye as he pulls out a clipboard and a pen for her to register.
(1 day -- 3/8/2005)


Early to mid-20's. Glory's neighbor. Works at the mine. Immature and negative
attitudes toward women miners. On a cold Minnesota morning, he avoids eye
contact with Glory when his pickup won't start. She offers him a ride. Mac
has no intention of riding with Glory and Josey. Then, later, on a night when
Josey is gone, he and his drinking buddies wave her teenage son to join
them on his front porch. They ask him questions about Josey's relationships
and tease Sammy about his mom being a 'ranger girl'. (1 day -- 3/4/2005 in
MN and (1 day -- 4/20/2005) + travel in New Mexico.


50's. A close friend of Josey's father, Hank. A grizzled miner. Head of the union.
When Josey, Hank's daughter, leaves her husband and comes home battered
and bruised, Gray gives Hank advice on how to get them back together --
disregarding her abuse as if shit happens in every marriage. A practical and
tough-minded union boss. He initially listens to the women's rep but becomes
progressively agitated, especially when Josey files a complaint with management
instead of coming to the union -- "that, there, is a blatant violation of our oath."
(3 weeks -- 2/17 to 3/7/2005)


Harass Josey. When she walks to the podium through a crowd of 800, mostly
male miners, they shout her down. Profane and ugly. NOTE: Extras casting
should read these one-liners on the Iron Range also. (2 days -- 2/17, 2/18/2005)


Thirteen years old. From a suburban middle-class -- not a mining -- family.
Interrupts Josey in the parking lot after the hockey game, introducing herself
as Sammy's girlfriend. Points to Sammy in her mom's Oldsmobile and says that
Sammy (humiliated by his mom at the game) wants to spend the night at her
house. Stacey and her mom witness Josey pulling Sammy hard out of the car
and when Sammy talks back, Josey hits him again and again until Glory
grabs her arm. (1 day -- 2/28/2005)


Around 30. Drives an Oldsmobile station wagon -- not a truck. Attempts to
intervene on Sammy's behalf: "He's very upset" and "Hasn't she put him
through enough tonight?" which only humiliates and hurts Josey more.
(1 day -- 2/28/2005)


At the Resurrection Catholic Church. an ornate building in stark contrast to
the barren range landscape. Conducting communion at the altar for a dozen
little girls. Makes the sign of the Sacrament. Offers a brief prayer in Latin.
Places the Sacrament on a child's tongue. NOTE: Preference is a real priest
from Minneapolis or Northern Minnesota. (2 days -- s/22/2005, 3/7/2005)


50ish. Slovenian working class woman -- in the kitchen at the after-communion
party, wearing big oven mitts, serving Pastis and beef stew and chitchatting
with Josey's mother, Alice. What appears to be an off-handed compliment
about Josey -- "always was a beauty, your girl" could have underlying tones
since all eyes are on Josey's bruised face. Later, washing dishes alone in the
kitchen, Kay and Sally reveal themselves as backbiting gossips but paint on
smiles when they realize Alice heard every word. Alice surprises them by
changing the subject to her crispy bars. They all avoid the situation,
making jokes like it never happened, but Alice is obviously upset.
(1 day -- 3/7/2005)


Thirteen to fourteen. One of Sammy's hockey teammates. He's in trouble on the
boards, but could get the puck to Sammy. However, even when Sammy calls for
a pass, Number 3 ignores him, pointedly, until the puck is stolen and slapped
down the other side of the ice. Later, when Sammy confronts him, he says his
father would've killed him if he let Sammy score off his assist. Obviously, his
father is one of the miners upset with Josey's complaints at work. (1 day -- 3/2/2005)


At the Union hall. Ten union leaders, including Gary Warren sit around a long
folded table in a huge room filled with empty chairs. Glory, the women's rep,
is also at the board meeting. Guy #1 makes a serious point the Pearson,
the owner of the company, has as much to lose from foreign steel as they
do, then smirks at Glory's order of business. -- Port-A-Johns for the women.
(1 day -- 2/26/2004)


At the same union meeting. Argues with #1 that Pearson "Don't have near to
lose as us...if the plants close, our wives and kids don't eat." (1 day -- 2/26/2005)


At the same board meeting, Pete snickers when Glory emphasizes the need for
Por-A-Johns, referring to one girl with a bladder infection from holding it in al
day. When Pete asks, "Whatcha gonna do for us" if management gives the
girls the johns, Glory teases him, being as raunchy as one of the guys.
They all laugh. She has their respect. (1 day -- 2/26/2005)

JOSEY @ 16 (Sc. 15/17/53A/86/148) ** At 30, Charlize is 5'9 1/2"

Could be 18 to play 16. Must be a close match to Charlize. Even in high
school she's the 'hot girl' -- not only because she's pretty but she's also a
fun tease and a free spirit. NOTE: Actress must be a teenager comfortable
with mature subject matter. The tone of the script is sometimes harsh,
but nothing is exploitation. The Director is a woman whose passion for
this story focuses on strong women fighting for their rights.
(2 weeks -- 2/14 to 2/25/2005)

BOBBY @ 16 (Sc. 15/53A/86/148) ** At 33 Jeremy is 5'10"

Must be a close match to Jeremy Renner (see attached photos). A mischievious
flirt with an irresistible charm in his smile. Notes at end of Josey above apply
to Bobby as well. (2 days -- 2/14, 2/15/2005)


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