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Sissy Spacek stops in Chisholm
Actress practices making strudel for upcoming movie
By Marie Tolonen
The Daily Tribune
Last Updated: Thursday, February 10th, 2005 09:53:19 AM
CHISHOLM — Actress Sissy Spacek came to the Slovenian Home in Chisholm
Monday to learn the art of making apple strudel as part of the production
of the movie “Class Action.”

Upon arrival, Spacek, the movie’s director, Niki Caro, and Sissy’s assistant,
Sally Harper, found the women of the Slovenian Home kitchen in full strudel
making mode.

The apples were all peeled and sliced to perfection, the dough was prepared
and ready to be stretched, and a sugar and cinnamon mixture that would be
sprinkled on top, was ready to go.

With Slovenian Polka music playing in the background, the women proudly
shared the baking tradition of their heritage. As they revealed each step,
Spacek and her crew watched intently so they wouldn’t miss any important

After the first strudel was stretched to perfection, Spacek assisted the
women in placing the apples in rows along the length of dough.

Once the apples were in place and sprinkled with cinnamon, Spacek
stepped back as the women demonstrated how they rolled the dough.

In just a blink of an eye, the women rolled the cloth supporting the dough
to create the completed apple strudel.

Spacek laughed with amazement as she stared at the finished leg of strudel.

“Oh my word,” said Spacek as she collected her thoughts.

The women accompanying Spacek were equally impressed as this was new to
them as well.

Spacek, who admits she is a pretty good baker herself, was eager to try her
hand at stretching the next strudel. Once she got the hang of it, she was
able to stretch the dough with ease.

“I bake pies at home, but only twice a year,” said Spacek as she
concentrated on the task at hand.

The Slovenian women looked on anxiously as Spacek made her turn
around the table stretching the paper thin dough.

After she had successfully stretched the dough, Spacek encouraged Caro
to get involved in the fun. So Spacek, Caro and the Slovenian women
worked side by side to bring another leg of strudel to completion.

Kitchen Chair Dolly Brusacoram was pleased with the day’s events.

“She was really good,” said Brusacoram of Spacek’s ability to stretch
the dough. “There were no holes and no mistakes.”

According to Brusacoram, Spacek enjoyed the experience so much that
she is having Brusacoram mail her a Slovenian cookbook so that she
can make strudel at home without skipping any vital steps.

The strudel making experience may have left a lasting impression on
Spacek, but it wasn’t the only memory she took from Monday’s visit.

“Getting to know these ladies was the best part,” said Spacek.


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