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Posted on Fri, Jul. 22, 2005
Our View: Range movie title not exactly original
Those who say there's nothing new under the sun -- and doesn't everyone?
-- are never very far from the mark. Take the new title of the movie previously
known as "The Untitled Niki Caro Project." It is now "North Country."
Both refer to the movie partially shot last winter in Eveleth and Virginia and
other locations on the Iron Range. Niki Caro is the name of the director of the
film based on the non-fiction book, "Class Action," about a group of Range
women who fought sexual harassment after going to work for Eveleth Taconite
Co. in the 1970s.
It's a relief to no longer have to use the unwieldy working title for the movie,
and calling it "North Country," while a little vague, certainly describes the location.
But Hollywood has already used the title, sort of, and on a picture involving this
region; women of this region, actually. Republic Pictures' 1952 adventure drama,
"Woman of the North Country" was set on the Iron Range and included scenes
in Duluth. It was filmed, however, at the studio. The movie had its world
premiere at the NorShor Theater in Duluth.
"Women of the North Country" might have been apt for the Niki Caro project,
but it does sound kind of '50s. Too bad "North by Northwest" was taken.
How about "North Country Blues"?


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