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Practice for upcoming movie set for later this month
Photography slated for Feb. 14
Mesabi Daily News
Last Updated: Friday, January 07th, 2005 12:05:51 AM
EVELETH — Four well-known actors should be on the Iron Range later this
month to begin practice for the movie loosely based on the book “Class Action.’’

Those stars include Sissy Spacek, Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand,
and the latest addition, Woody Harrelson, who will play a hockey player,
according to Location Manager Anne Healy of Garson Studios.
Healy told the Eveleth City Council Thursday night the untitled mining movie
project will focus on the mining industry and hockey. Those behind the film
had considered shooting the hockey scenes in Sante Fe, N.M., but she
convinced them otherwise.

“This is the heart of hockey,’’ she said.

Four different locations in Eveleth have already been picked out, Healy
said, which include a bar, Koke’s Motel, the auditorium and the high school
football field. The film is also looking at a farm-like scene in Iron and
other parts of the movie in Virginia and Hibbing. Some shots will also be
taken at Inland Steel and at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia.

Healy, who has been in the area since Nov. 7, said she and the others love
the area. Practice will start later this month, she said, while principle
photography is set to begin Feb. 14.

The crew for the $20 million production is scheduled to start arriving next
week, Healy said.

Officials from movie distributor Warner Bros., a subsidiary of Time-Warner,
whose officials estimate $3 million to $5 million will be spent during
filming on the Iron Range.

The book “Class Action” told the story of a successful sexual harassment
lawsuit against the former Eveleth Mines and some of its workers.


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