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Posted on Fri, Feb. 04, 2005
Iron Range students to rub elbows with film's director
NIKI CARO: A Virginia High School class promotes a discussion and
screening with mining movie's director.
Several hundred Iron Range students have the chance tonight to meet a
Hollywood movie director up close and personal.
Niki Caro, on the Iron Range to direct a movie inspired by the book "Class
Action," appears tonight at the Tacora Theatre in Aurora.
Caro will talk to elementary, junior high, high school and college
students about filmmaking and the movie, a fictionalized account of a
1980s and '90s sexual harassment struggle at Eveleth Mines.
The movie will be shot beginning Feb. 14 on the Iron Range.
Tonight, students will hear from Caro and view Caro's movie "Whale Rider."
The event, which begins at 6 p.m., is free and open to students. They are
encouraged to arrive by 5:30 p.m. Adults are not invited.
Virginia High School students who are members of the Urban Edge, a
high school marketing class, have been distributing tickets and promoting
the event since Monday at Iron Range schools.
Anna Glowacki, 17, a Virginia High School junior and a member of the
Urban Edge class, will help introduce Caro.
However, about 15 minutes after introducing Caro, Glowacki will have to
leave the movie screening to help the Virginia Blue Devils girls basketball
team face the Tower-Soudan Golden Eagles.
"Everybody is pretty excited to see the stars," Glowacki said of the $20
million movie. Maybe some students will get a part in the movie, she said.
Though it is a typical Friday night with a heavy high school sports schedule,
Urban Edge students are still hoping for a strong turnout.
Nearly 500 tickets have been distributed.
Students who show up at the door without a ticket will be admitted if seats
Charlize Theron, Sissy Spacek, Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson
star in the film. Set in the 1990s, the movie fictionalizes the story of 15
women who worked at Eveleth Mines and filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit
against the company.
According to a Warner Brothers news release, Theron plays Josie Aimes,
a single mother who rallies her female co-workers to fight the unfair
treatment they face at a local mining company. McDormand plays
Josie's friend Glory. Harrelson is Josie's lawyer.
The film "explores the conflicts that arise when change disrupts the long-held
traditions of a community," Jeff Robinov, Warner Brothers president of
production, said in a news release.
The movie is now being called "The Untitled Niki Caro Mining Project."
The film's major stars aren't expected to be on the Iron Range until early
next week, a Warner Brothers spokeswoman said.
A media event featuring several of the stars and co-stars is set for
Tuesday in Virginia.
Co-stars include actors Rusty Schwimmer, Michelle Monaghan, Jillian
Armanente, Jeremy Renner, Sean Bean and Richard Jenkins.
Chris Menges, a two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer, is director of
photography. Doug Claybourne, Nana Greenwald, Jeff Skoll and Helen Bartlett
are executive producers.
Urban Edge students, who operate their own coffee shop in downtown
Virginia, say promoting tonight's film screening has provided them
with some real-world education. The students printed and distributed
about 500 tickets and fliers for the event and handed them out at area schools.
"It's a lot different than what we normally do," said Virginia High School
student Lindsay Sella. "But it kind of ties into what we are doing."
Jeff Mauston, a Virginia High School instructor for the Urban Edge class, said
promoting the film screening gives students a chance to work on marketing
and communication skills.
"This is real life where you have deadlines and where people have to work to
get on the same page," Mauston said. "We have over 450 tickets out, and
we'd like to fill the place for Niki."
Production crews for the movie are double-checking filming locations for
lighting and camera angles for the movie, a Warner Brothers spokeswoman said.
Filming on the Iron Range is expected to run through the first week of March.
Production crews will then travel to New Mexico, where about 52 percent
of the film will be shot.
Several historic buildings in Eveleth will be location film sites.
Scenes will be shot within the Eveleth Auditorium, adjacent to the city's
fire hall and at the Eveleth Hippodrome hockey rink.
A tentative location agreement between Class Action Pictures Inc. of
Burbank, Calif., and Eveleth calls for some modifications to the
auditorium and rink, including covering signs and adding lighting.
Some mining scenes are to be shot at Ispat-Inland Mining Co. near Virginia.
Estimates are that the filming will provide an economic boost of $3 million
to $5 million to the Iron Range.


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