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Movie needs miners
By By Levi Hill
Feb 5, 2005, 07:30 am
More than 170 Grant County residents turned out for a casting call for the
upcoming Warner Bros. film that will be shot at the Cobre mine in March,
but casting directors said many more are needed and real miners are on
the top of their list.

Kathryn Brink, extras casting director for the yet untitled film starring
Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Sissy Spacek and Sean Bean, said
Friday that although there was a good turnout of local residents, the
movie still needs real miners.

“We really need real miners,” Brink said. “So far we have only had
about half-a-dozen.”

Brink said the miners are needed for shots on location in the mine
where safety is an issue. She said real miners will not have to go
through the safety training and thus save time for the production crew.
At least 150 real miners and more than 500 extras are needed for the film.

“We need lots of people so we can have alternates. Many times people
don’t show up or change their mind or can’t make it and we need other
people who can fill in,” Brink said.

She added that all the miners who turned out for the first and
unpublicized casting call early last year will be getting calls from
the production crew.

Area residents who turned out for the casting call were excited and
hopeful of landing a small role on the silver screen.

“The chance to play in a movie doesn’t come around very often,” Keryn
Sippy said. “It will be fun.”

Todd Anderson, 36, said he is excited about possibly being in the
movie and thinks it will be a learning experience.

“It will be an interesting atmosphere to work in,” Anderson said.

Monte Alexander, 66, isn’t a miner or a former one but he showed up as
well and what he has under his belt may be just as good.

“I worked at Universal Cartoon Studios for a few years,” Alexander said.
“I was part of the production crew for “The Land Before Time” and
“Fievel Goes West.”

Alexander said he thought he might just give a shot at being an
extra in a live action movie instead of behind the scenes.

Brink said the movie is also still lacking a title and encourages residents
to turn out during today’s casting call with their own ideas for a title for
the film.

“We are having a contest to name the movie so people should stop
by and bring us their suggestions,” Brink said.

She added that being an extra is a lot of work but is also a lot of fun
and has some perks.

“You get served really good food, Brink said.


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