National Osteoporosis Society

Last Update: 27 June 2006

Sean's support for the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) is inspired by
his grandmother's strong bones and her participation in osteoporosis research
at Sheffield hospitals.
You can read more about Ann Bean here (scroll to the bottom of the page).
If you would like to help support Sean's favourite charity, consider making a
donation to the NOS. Perhaps you'd like to remember a friend's birthday, a
graduation, or an anniversary in a special way. And it's a particularly excellent
way to celebrate Sean's birthday on April 17th each year.
It's easy to donate online, using your credit card.
If you'd rather not use a credit card, postal donations can be sent to:
National Osteoporosis Society
Camerton, Bath
The NOS is able to accept donations in foreign currencies.
(But please don't send cash in the post as it isn't the safest way to send
You can visit the NOS website here.

About Osteoporosis
1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men over the age of 50 will develop osteoporosis.
It can cause painful and disabling fractures, particularly in the hip, wrist and
spine. The disease now costs the NHS and government over £1.7 billion each
year, that's £5 million per day and affects over 4 million people in the UK.
Osteoporosis literally means porous bones. The skeleton becomes so porous
that the simplest knock or fall can break bones, particularly in the wrist, spine
and hip. But fractures are not an inevitable part of getting older and
osteoporosis can now be largely prevented and treated.

The National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) is the only national charity
dedicated to improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this
fragile bone disease. It offers support to people with osteoporosis, their
families and carers, through a range of detailed information booklets,
a national telephone helpline and a network of over 130 regional support
Since 1986 the NOS has worked tirelessly to raise public awareness
about osteoporosis. Now many more people know what osteoporosis is,
but few realise how serious it can be or that they are at personal risk.
Your support will help the NOS continue their vital work.


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