Casting Sean Bean as Andy McNab

Last Update: 03 August 1998

To cast Sean Bean as Andy McNab was a natural choice for Tom Clegg, who has worked with him for the past six years and has an established rapport and mutual trust. "He is very easy to work with because he takes direction well and really concentrates on his part," says Clegg. "If you watch him during rehearsals, he doesn't appear to be doing anything, but the minute the camera comes up, his eyes light up and his focus is intense."

"For the past five years we have been working on action stuff, but it was set in the Napoleonic times, so to move to a contemporary piece like this is a huge challenge for him. He is very good at action material because he has very quick hands, very quick reflexes and good balance. He also has huge street credibility."

"Sean has a very good sense of humour but there is an edge to him when he wants to put it on and act, which makes him feel dangerous. That is exactly right for this part, because we are not dealing with gung-ho heroes. These are real soldiers, highly trained and highly specialised."

"Bravo Two Zero is about eight men whose mission went terribly wrong and as a result three men were killed. Although Andy McNab is the leader of the group, because of the nature of the SAS which is a very democratic set up, everyone has the right to contribute. This is perfect for Sean because he is not a selfish actor and is very generous to his fellow actors."

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