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THE SUN (September 25 1997)

It's TV Sean as desert war ace

SCREEN hunk Sean Bean strides through the desert in his gripping new role as a tough Gulf War hero.

Sean, 39, dons combat gear to play SAS unit commander Andy McNab in the £5million BBC1 drama Bravo Two Zero.

The Sharpe star - pictured for the first time in the part - spent two months making the film in the blistering heat of South Africa's Northern Cape region. And he cut a realistic figure, armed to the teeth, unshaven, and with his handsome features battered by the sun and sand.

The two-hour adventure, due to be screened early next year, is based on McNab's book about his real-life mission to blow up missiles behind Iraqi lines. The assignment ended in disaster when he was captured and tortured by tyrant Saddam Hussein's troops.

A source said: "Filming was tough. Sean faced incredible physical demands and the desert was sweltering."

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