Evening Standard Review

Evening Standard (31 Dec 1998)
Sunday Television
Bravo Two Zero: BBC1, 9pm

If viewers find that a sense of deja vu sometimes hangs over this Gulf War action-drama as thickly as the cordite in the combat scenes, it will be because they remember ITV's The One That Got Away, which told the story of the same SAS mission during Desert Storm. Chris Ryan was the one that got away; Bravo Two Zero is a two-parters based on the story of one of those who didn't: Sergeant Andy McNab, whose book took its title from the patrol's call sign. Not that the call sign has great significance other than to dim the general glow of satisfaction about the sophistication of Western military technology deployed during Desert Storm. The Bravo Two Zero team did not seem to be able to make their radios work at all. There is much authentic sounding soldier banter and military kit references, such as the cryptic "shiny thing". Armchair special-forces warriors will love it, though some viewers will wonder if SAS troops setting off on a mission really do slip breeze blocks into each other's packs for a prank. Sean Bean plays McNab. Second half tomorrow.

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