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The Times (Jan 2/99)
This Week - January 2 to January 8 highlights

SUNDAY Bravo Two Zero
BBC1 9pm

A two-part adaptation (concluded Monday at 10pm) of former SAS Sergeant Andy McNab's account of an eight-man British patrol, dropped behind Iraqi lines in the Gulf War and forced to attempt to make their own way back. Sean Bean stars as McNab, who co-wrote the script and advised on military matters.


The Times (Jan 2/99)

Sunday's Choice
BBC1, 9pm


Former SAS commander Andy McNab wrote a best-seller about the Gulf War and now, with impressive attention to detail, and of course a chilling relevance, it's a film. It's a heartbreaker when you realise that the manoeuvres of McNab's eight-man patrol, helicoptered into Iraqi territory in 1991, are true. "Every soldier hopes for a major war in his lifetime," says Sean Bean as McNab. "This one was mine." South Africa stands in for Iraq, and the military hardware has been supervised by McNab himself. Tonight the bedraggled eight look as if they might make it back to the safety of the Syrian border; tomorrow, when the film concludes, we learn what happened.


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