SAS GULF WAR DRAMA MAY BE POSTPONED (Entertainment) (20/12/98)

A £4 million Gulf War drama due to be televised by the BBC in the New Year may be postponed because of the recent bombing of Iraq.

Bravo Two Zero is the story of an eight-man SAS mission - the title is the patrol's code-name - which went 190 miles into enemy territory to blow up missile sites.

The production is due to be broadcast on BBC1 on two evenings, January 3 and January 4. But a BBC spokeswoman said: "We are keeping a close eye on the situation but it is too early to say."

She added: "An appropriate decision will be made at an appropriate time."

Sean Bean plays former SAS man Andy McNab, who commanded the mission before being caught and tortured by Iraq's secret police.

After being released at the end of the war, he told the story of the mission in a book.

About 250 Iraqi soldiers and three SAS men were killed in the Bravo Two Zero operation.


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