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Last Update: 13 November 2003
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JON FAVREAU (John Person)
Multi-hyphenate talent Jon Favreau directed New Line Cinema's upcoming
Elf, a feature he co-wrote with Scot Armstrong and David Berenbaum. He
will soon be seen in the upcoming movies, Wimbeldon by Universal
Pictures and Something's Gotta Give by Sony Pictures.
Born and raised in Queens, NY, this son of schoolteachers dropped out
of college and traveled throughout the US, landing in Chicago. Favreau
had his first success when cast as the shy, overweight friend of Sean
Astin's aspiring football player Rudy in David Anspaugh's biopic.
Favreau made guest appearances on TV series like "Seinfeld" and
"Chicago Hope" and landed big screen berths in Hart Bochner's PCU and
Alan Rudolph's Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle.
Favreau began lifting weights, dropped 75 pounds and spent his time
amid the young Hollywood hopefuls in the "cocktail nation" of the L.A.
club scene. He continued to land small roles in films like Batman
Forever and Notes From The Underground. He followed the adage to "write
what you know" and turned his experiences as an aspiring actor and L.A.
clubgoer into the story for the charming low-budget comedy Swingers,
creating star-making roles for himself and his friend Vince Vaughn. In
demand as both an actor and writer, he filmed a role as a racist
tormenting Mary Stuart Masterson in Dogtown and also had a recurring
role as a millionaire software developer who romanced Courtney Cox's
Monica on the hit NBC sitcom "Friends."
Favreau's love of sports and solid frame helped land him leading roles
in films such as HBO's 1999 biopic Rocky Marciano in which he played
the legendary boxer, and the football comedy The Replacements. He again
demonstrated strong leading man charisma opposite the seemingly out-of-
his-league Famke Janssen in the appealingly neurotic romantic comedy
Love And Sex, and he then re-teamed with Janssen and his Swingers co-
star and close friend Vaughn in the largely improvised mob comedy Made,
which Favreau wrote, directed and co-produced. The film featured some
genuinely hilarious banter between Favreau, Vaughn and co-stars Peter
Falk, Sean Combs and Faison Love. Favreau also developed two lucrative
side careers: first as a script doctor polishing screenplays for
various studios; second as voice-over performer on numerous animated
series and specials.
Demonstrating his personal appeal behind the camera as well as in front
of it, Favreau recruited many of his on-screen co-stars and cinema
idols to appear on "Dinner For Five," a television series he produced
and hosted for the Independent Film Channel. In each episode, Favreau
would sit down at a different well-known Los Angeles restaurant with
four guests from the world of film and the quintet would spend their
meal sharing and exchanging anecdotes from their lives and careers,
providing a fascinating and entertaining look into the entertainment
Favreau's latest major role was opposite Ben Affleck and Jennifer
Garner in the comic book superhero film Daredevil, in which he played
Foggy Nelson, the stocky law partner (and comic foil) to Affleck's
blind alter ego.

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