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Steve Anderson's debut feature is a sun-baked modern noir.
Jon Favreau plays an out-of-work actor trying to make sense of a
blue suitcase, 75 missing people, a neighbor who loses his head
and a cryptic cowboy.
Deep in debt, John Person (Favreau) accepts a high-paying courier
job from alien-obsessed Neeley (Bud Cort). Ignoring the misgivings
of his neighbor Grace (Joey Lauren Adams), John heads to a fateful
meeting in the desert town of Baker, California. He keeps missing
connections with the mysterious Cowboy (Sean Bean), instead crossing
paths with a flirtatious teen (Rachel Leigh Cook), her hotheaded
boyfriend (Adam Beach), a bartender (Daryl Hannah) and an FBI agent
investigating a serial killer (Kelsey Grammer).
Writer/director Anderson introduces familiar characters and situations
but imbues them with a fatalistic sense of humor and a twisted view of
danger. Everything points toward a memorable ending in "the big empty"
of the California desert.

- Peter Martin


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