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13 November 2003

The Big Empty Ends Up Nice and Full
By Dave Linden

Cowboys. Aliens. Blue suitcases and bowling balls. Just another night at the
Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood as the first feature film for writer/director Steve
Anderson had its World Premier screening as part of the AFI Los Angeles
International Film Festival Sunday, November 9, 2003.
The Big Empty is a dark comedy set in Los Angeles and in Baker, California.
It's in Baker, amid the towering cacti and the crowded truck stops, that The
Big Empty pays homage to the pulpy, fatalistic film noirs of the 1940s and 50s.
"It (the film) took a long time. I was a freelance (camera) guy at CNN for
almost 10 years, but I never really considered it my career. I just always
wanted to make movie," said Anderson. "This one was a special little script
that people really seemed to grabbed on to and now here I am walking up
the red carpet tonight instead of covering it."
The film stars Jon Favreau as John Person who is a struggling actor in Hollywood.
Behind on his rent and heavily in debt, he accepts an unsolicited offer from
a strange neighbor to courier a blue suitcase up to the desert truck stop of
Baker. But on arrival he discovers he's already missed the mysterious man
and soon he's reluctantly mixed up with a young local vixen (Rachael Leigh
Cook), her hot-headed jealous boyfriend (Adam Beach), and paranoid,
alien-obsessed locals. When an FBI agent (Kelsey Grammer) arrives at the
local watering hole to question him about the murder and decapitation of his
strange neighbor and hundreds of people recently gone missing, John realizes
that he might be mixed up in something much more dangerous and bizarre
than he ever imagined. Then, later that dark night, when a Cowboy (Sean Bean)
violently appears, John is faced with choice that might change his life forever.
"I like to stay involved in independent film," said Favreau. "It's the type of
movie that you don't have a chance to do at the studio level."
The Big Empty also stars Joey Lauren Adams, Daryl Hannah, Melora Walters
and Jon Gries.
Opening in select theaters November 21, 2003, the film is produced by Echo
Lake Productions, Aura Entertainment, Rainstorm Entertainment, and North by
Northwest Productions. The Big Empty is distributed by Artisan Entertainment.


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