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Source: CHUD
18 November 2003

By Dave Davis
Contributing sources: Artisan
We give Artisan a few knocks around here, mostly because they seem to have
an endless supply of bad movies they release on DVD and send us for review,
but they do still occasionally put out an interesting indie.
I hadn't heard a thing about The Big Empty (which opens in limited release
this Friday), but it could be a sleeper. In the film, Jon Favreau is a struggling
actor who gets paid to deliver a suitcase to a trucker to a dinkhole California
town. The eclectic cast includes Kelsey Grammar, Rachael Leigh Cook, Daryl
Hannah, and Sean Bean as a leather trenchcoat-wearing hardcase.
I admit, it does look a little like one of those meandering self-aware post-
Tarantino crime-comedy-thrillers that flooded video shelves after Reservoir
Dogs and Pulp Fiction. But the trailer amused me, and I'm not usually let
down by Favreau's decisions as an actor, filmmaker and dinner host, so
I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.


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