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See how hero dressed to kill Oct 97
Sharpe heads for Waterloo Sunset Sat May 3, 97
Sharpe's finally facing his Waterloo May 97
B'ham? Express & Star Sharpe Heads for Waterloo 17 May 97
B'ham? Express & Star Wednesday Sat May 3, 97
Bolton Evening News Sean Bean heads for East Lancs July 5, 97
Bolton Evening News Sean Bean shoots trouble at t'mill Nov 14, 96
Bolton Evening News Want to be in at the Sharpe end of movie making? Jan 21, 97
Bury Mercury Sharpe Dress Oct 97
Bury Mercury Visitors from afar flock to historic Bury 3 Oct 97
Daily Echo (Bournemouth) Mr Bean- in the firing line May 7, 97
Daily Mail A fine Waterloo sunset Peter Patterson Thur May 22, 97
Daily Mail Lightweight Contender Peter Patterson May 8, 97
Daily Mail New Sharpe, new liberal Peter Patterson May 15, 97
Daily Mail Sean's Beanfeast a Turkish Delight Nigel Dempster Sep 12, 96
Daily Mirror Sharpe's lost his edge (Last night's view) 8 May 97
Daily Record Sean Bean says a last farewell to swash/fc Sharpe exit 3 May 97
Daily Telegraph A hero romping through history Christina Odone 8 May 97
EDP (Eastern Daily Press?) Blades are his passion! Wed 7 May, 97
Evening News Sharpe's back to meet his Waterloo 17 May 97
Guardian Swash and go Nancy Banks-Smith May 8, 97
Guardian The Boney War Nancy Banks-Smith Thur May 22, 97
Inside Soap Inside TV - Love & War 3- 16 May 97
Mail on Sun Programme mag In the wars again May 4, 97
Manchester Evening News Bean's Mean Scenes Matt Finnegan Nov 14, 96
Manchester Evening News Rugged Sean is a big softy at heart Stuart Giles Wed May 7, 97
Manor House Museum Sharpe's Last Stand 30 Sep 97
Military Illustrated Sharpe's Last Adventure Richard Rutherford-Moore no 109, Jun 97
Military Modelling The Return of Sharpe/fc Sharpe's Back Vol 7 No 23 Apr 97
Mirror TV Weekly 20 sharpe points about hunky Sean/fc Sharpe Shooter May 3, 97
Mirror, TV Plus Hysterical, not historical 9 May 97
Radio Times Sean meets his Waterloo Kate Lock 3 - 9 May, 97
Sheffield Star Nag, nag, nag! It took hard work to turn Sean Bean into a horseman 17 Jul 97
Sunday Mirror Personal Mag Sharpe's French lesson Hilary Kingsley Apr 27, 97
Sunday Mirror TV Week mag Sean goes trouble shooting May 4, 1997
The Keighley News Sharpe's Silent Return David Knights Nov 22, 96
The People TV First Sharpe rifles Boney's treasure May 4 - 10, 97
The Sun TV Sean's Making a Sharpe Exit 3 May 97
The Times Bean there, done that: it's time to move on Lynne Truss Thurs May 8, 97
The Weekly News Sharpe's facing his last battle 3 May 97
Time Out The 'Sharpe' end 14-21 May 97
TV & Satellite Week At the Sharpe End 3 - 9 May, 97
TV Quick Sharpe's last stand 3 - 9 May, 97
Yorkshire Post Bean jumps back into the fray... 11 Nov 96



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