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Allie's a hit as a Sharpe shooter Apr 95
Audio book (Paul McGann)
Bean blows Lass chance 26 Apr 95
Sharpe edges to Safety! Apr 95
Daily Express Pick of the Day Apr 95
Daily Express Sean must Sharpen up Compton Miller Apr 13, 95
Daily Mail Sharp end of adventure Peter Patterson Apr 13, 95
Daily Telegraph Nineteenth-centry Essex man John Casey 26 Apr 95
Daily Telegraph TV & Radio Critic's Choice: Sharpe lands in an Irish stew 19 Apr 95
Sheffield Star 8 Apr 95
The Sun TV Super Guide 20 Sharpe facts Sean's been dying to tell/fc Sharpe Looker 8-14 Apr 95
The Times A corner of a foreign field forever Yorkshire Peter Barnard Thur Apr 13, 95
Today TV Week Sean gets his licence to kill/fc Love at the Sharpe End Pauline Wallin 8-14 Apr 95
TV Times Into Battle Men and Women/Stripping for action/Don't miss... Stafford Hildred 8-14 Apr 95
Yorkshire Evening Post Staying Sharpe 12 Apr 95



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