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A Sharpe response to Sean's stripping Kevin Briscoe May 94
It's a Bean feast May 94
Sean Bean's back as heroic officer Kay Breeze May 94
Sean will miss the love of his life 93
Daily Express Bean's a sly Sharpe shooter Compton Miller May 26, 94
Daily Express Sean stays Sharpe despite discomfort Sam Oakley 25 May 94
Daily Mail Sharpe act from Bean Thur May 26, 94
Daily Mirror TV Sharpe taken for a ride 8 Jun 94
Daily Telegraph Sharpe as a soldier's bayonet Max Davidson May 94
Mirror TV Weekly Seeing tiny Natalia made me realise.../fc Sharpe & soft 21-27 May 94
News of the World Sunday mag Bean's Mean Scenes/fc I'd rather make war not love 17 Apr 94
Today TV Week The private war of Officer Bean/fc Life at the Sharpe End May 21-27, 93
What's On TV Dad's Army/fc My Dad's a hero! Gary Jenkins 21 - 27 May 94



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