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Carlton/Central Press Sean Bean is Sharpe + Characters Apr 95
Classic Television Cutting Edge/fc Sharpe At the cutting edge Sep/Oct 98 Iss 6
Daily Express In at the Sharpe End of a Battle William Hickey Aug 20, 96
Express on Sunday Salute for life at the Sharpe end Marcus Berkmann 19 May 96
Impact Life at the Sharpe End Brian Burford May 96
Military Illustrated Biting the Cartridge Richard Moore no 104, Jan 97
Military Illustrated Making Sharpe Phillip Elliot-Wright no 97, Jun 96
Military Illustrated Sharpe & Harper March Again no 59, Apr 93
Military Illustrated Sharpe at Badajoz no 71, Apr 94
Military Illustrated Sharpe's Column & Line no 101, Oct 96
Military Illustrated Sharpe's Sergeants Richard Moore no 105, Feb 97
Military Illustrated Sharpe's Story Richard Moore no 103, Dec 96
Military Illustrated Testing Sharpe's Rifle Richard Moore no 102, Nov 96
News of the World Look Sharpe and head to Winchester 17 Aug 97
Radio Times At the Sharpe End 17-21 May 94
Richmond Times Dispatch Masterpiece of war & love Napoleon style Douglas Durden Nov 93
Sydney Morning Herald TV - And it's goodbye from them Fri Oct 10 97
Toy Soldier & Model Figure King George Commands/fc Sharpe of the 95th Rifles Oct-Nov 95



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