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Royal Shakespeare Company
(Stratford, London and Newcastle productions)

Sunday Times 13 Apr 86
Sunday Times 16 Aug 86
The Times 13 Feb 86
The Times 10 Apr 86
The Times Literary Sup 25 Apr 86
City Limits Ros Asquith 23 Apr 87 London
Daily Telegraph If only Romeo had rung... Eric Shorter 16 Apr 87 London
Guardian Nicholas de Jongh 16 Apr 87 London
Guardian Modern eye on passion Nicholas de Jongh 16 Apr 87 London
Independent Peter Kemp 16 Apr 87 London
Independent Making heavy leather of it Peter Kemp 16 Apr 87 London
London Evening Standard Milton Shulman 16 Apr 87 London
London Theatre Record 26 Mar-22 Apr 87 London
Sunday Express Clive Hirschorn 19 Apr 87 London
Tablet Della Couling 2 May 87 London
The Times All for love of money Irving Wardle 16 Apr 87 London
Time Out Steve Grant 22 Apr 87 London
(local newspaper?) An Evening of Sheer Brilliance David Isaacs 9 Feb-14Mar 87 Newcastle
Arts North Biggest ever season comes to Newcastle Michael Billington Feb 87 Newcastle
Arts North It's that Royal Shakespeare magic Dec 86 Newcastle
Newcastle Evening Chronicle Juliet outshines setting Phil Penfold 18 Feb 87 Newcastle
Newcastle Evening Chronicle Starry line-up Phil Penfold 17 Nov 86 Newcastle
Newcastle Evening Chronicle Stars for Tyneside revisited Peter Young 11 Nov 86 Newcastle
Newcastle Journal Contact is aim of game David Isaacs 13 Feb 87 Newcastle
Sunday Sun It's just the ticket, Romeo Peter Munro Sun Mar 1 87 Newcastle
Showbiz viewpoints: Shakespeare as you like it 24 Apr 86 Stratford
Birmingham Daily News Bard's new look Rosemary Edwards 10 Apr 86 Stratford
Birmingham Evening Mail Fantastic! The Bard comes of age 16 Apr 86 Stratford
Birmingham Evening Mail Oh, what a tragedy Richard Edmonds 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Birmingham Evening Mail To the point 23 Apr 86 Stratford
Birmingham Post Romeo & Juliet J C Trewin 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Bristol Evening Post Romeo stands test of time Jeremy Brien 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Chester Observer Violence and bitterness Kevin Catchpole 16 Apr 86 Stratford
City Limits Lyn Gardner 14 Apr 86 Stratford
Coventry Evening Telegraph Bogdanov is taking liberties Peter McGarry 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Daily Telegraph Modern lovers John BArber 10 Apr 86 Stratford
Evesham Journal Comedy with a difference E C 10 Apr 86 Stratford
Financial Times Romeo & Juliet/Stratford Martin Hoyle 10 Apr 86 Stratford
Glasgow Herald RSC Stratford Romeo & Juliet Anne Donaldson 11th April 86 Stratford
Gloucester Citizen A new look for classic J T 23 Apr 86 Stratford
Gloucestershire Echo Bizarre and compelling Romeo Sandra Bisp 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Guardian Alfa for effort Michael Billington 10 Apr 86 Stratford
International Herald Tribune RSC presents Godfatherly 'Romeo' at Stratford & starless 'Mephisto' Sheridan Morely 16 Apr 86 Stratford
Jewish Chronicle David Nathan 18 Apr 86 Stratford
Leamington & Dist Morn News A walk on the west side B H 10 Apr 86 Stratford
Leicester Mercury Shakespeare on the west side Judi Everitt 9 Apr 86 Stratford
London Theatre Record 26 Mar-3 Apr 86 Stratford
London Weekly Diary First Night Fever 5-11 Apr 86 Stratford
Mail on Sunday Kenneth Hurren 13 Apr 86 Stratford
Malvern Gaz & Ledbury Report Brill - but hardly Romeo 11 Apr 86 Stratford
New Statesman Benedict Nightingale 18 Apr 86 Stratford
New Statesman Sight-seeing Benedict Nightingale 18 Apr 86 Stratford
Observer Cliff's great gig in the sky Michael Ratcliffe 13 Apr 86 Stratford
Oxford Mail Page One Romeo, Juliet Don Chapman 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Oxford Times Romeo & Juliet JCS 25 Apr 86 Stratford
Plays & Players Kenneth Hurren Jun 86 Stratford
Punch Alfa Romeo Sheridan Morley 16 Apr 86 Stratford
Scotsman Allen Wright 5 Apr 86 Stratford
Shropshire Star Making full use of Stratford's gimmicks J F 9 Apr 86 Stratford
South Wales Argus Gang warfare in old Verona Guy Ashworth 10 Apr 86 Stratford

Stage & Television Today Stratford Romeo & Juliet Anne Fitzgerald 24 Apr 86 Stratford
Stratford upon Avon Herald Excess and incongruity in 'Romeo & Juliet' Viv Thomas 11 Apr 86 Stratford
The Times Irreconcilable clash between affection & property Irving Wardle 10 Apr 86 Stratford
The Times Educational Sup All biz, no buzz Nicholas Shrimpton 18 Apr 86 Stratford
The Times Literary up Commentary - Keeping up apperances Stanley Wells 25 Apr 86 Stratford
Time Out 9-15 Apr 86 Stratford
Time Out Romeo & Juliet Helen Rose 16-21 Apr 86 Stratford
Warwick Advertiser Dying for a few tears Helene Ward 15 Apr 86 Stratford
Wolverhampton Express & Star A shock start to the season Peter Rhodes 9 Apr 86 Stratford
Worcester Evening News High time for love! David Ford 9 Apr 86 Stratford




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