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Glasgow Citizens Theatre
21 August - 9 September 1983
(Reviews published during The 1983 Edinburgh International Festival)

Daily Mail Jack Tinker 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
Daily Telegraph John Barber 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
Financial Times The Last Days of Mankind/Assembly Hall Michael Coveney 22 Aug 83
Glasgow Herald Citizens' get ready for the apocalypse John Fowler 26 Jul 83
Glasgow Herald Citizens Theatre, Glasgow Mary Brennan 19 Sep 83
Glasgow Herald Telling moments in a tale of death and destruction Mary Brennan 22 Aug 83
Guardian A frightening vision of the apoalypse then Michael Billington 22 Aug 83
Guardian The Last Days of Mankind Cordelia Oliver 19 Sep 83
London Broadcasting Sue Jameson 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
London Theatre Record 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
Mail on Sunday Living legacy of hard times and long shadows Nicholas de Jongh 28 Aug 83
Observer Robert Cushman 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
Scotsman Allen Wright 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
Scotsman Letters Page 22 Aug 83
Spectator Endless Giles Gordon 3 Sep 83
Sunday Telegraph Francis King 21 Aug-9 Sep 83
The Morning Star Decaying Vienna Gordan Parsons 25 Aug 83
The Times Theatre: Irving Wardle reviews Glasgow Citizens' opening 23 Aug 83
Wall Street Journal Edinburgh: Where Vienna Meets the Fringe Ned Chaillet 2 Sep 83



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