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Soho Theatre Company

City Limits Ros Asquith 23-30 Aug 90
Daily Mail John Marriott 12 Aug 90
Financial Times Killing the Cat Malcolm Rutherford 31 Aug 90
Good Times Killing the Cat 7-13 Sep 90
Guardian Royal Court Upstairs - Killing the Cat Nicholas de Jongh 4 Sep 90
Independent Family Values Georgina Brown 13 Sep 90
Independent on Sunday London: A legend comes to visit Lynne Truss 2 Sep 90
Listener Matt Wolf 8 Sep 90
Soho Theatre Company Programme
London Evening Standard Agony in a family jigsaw Milton Shulman Thur 30 Aug 90
London Theatre Record 27 Aug-9 Sep 90
Observer Kate Kellaway 2 Sep 90
Sunday Correspondent Hugo Williams 9 Sep 90
Sunday Times 9 Sep 90
Sunday Times Dramas made out of a crisis Robert Hewison 2 Sep 90
The Times Theatre - Killing the Cat Harry Eyres 31 Aug 90
The Times Educational Sup 7 Sep 90
Time Out Killing the Cat James Christopher 5-12 Sep 90
TNT Curse of the Cat Louise Kingsley 10 Sep 90
What's On Dale Arden 5 Sep 90




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