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Corona Doctor Who 4 Jan 01
Data Extract Sean Bean meets Daleks in big budget Movie rumours Jan 2001
Empire Online It's Still Doctor...Who? 4 Jan 01
Guardian Sean Bean steps into the Tardis Thur 4 Jan 01
Guardian Sean Bean steps out of the Tardis Fri 5 Jan 01
ITV teletext News briefs 4 Jan 01
Metro (free) Mr Bean in £3m deal to play Dr Who Fri 5 Jan 01
Metro (free) In brief - Who's Who 19 Jan 2001
Mirror Bean to the Doc 12 Jan 01
Mirror Who's Bean? 4 Jan 01
SFX Bean, Stallone reports slammed by Auntie Jan 01
Teletext Bean story just a load of Whoey! 4 Jan 01
Variety BBC Belittles 'Who' buzz Adam Dawtrey 4 Jan 01



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