Barbican Ad

Last Update: 26 December 1999
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This ad was featured in a Christmas Day installment of Before They Were Famous, shown on BBC1 on December 25, 1999. In the ad, filmed 1982/83 and originally shown on British television circa 1983-85, Sean plays a passenger on board a plane. He is drinking Barbican, an alcohol-free beer.

Suddenly the anguished voice of a flight attendant calls out: "Can anybody fly a plane???"

The aircraft is in trouble, the pilot is unconscious...
and our hero leaps into action!

"Don't panic, Miss!"

Things are tense...will he manage it...?

A quick word with Air Traffic Control....

He's done it!

"My hero!" says the flight attendant.

"Good job I was drinking Barbican!"

Watch it on Real Video here.

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